About National Little Britches Rodeo Association
of Michigan

Little Britches is one of the oldest continuing junior rodeo associations in the nation.  The National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan (NLBRA of MI) was established in 1998 and is a 501-C3 non-profit youth rodeo organization.  The association is made up of amazing volunteers who have come together to promote the great sport of youth rodeo.  The purpose of the organization is directed towards building character, self reliance, and good sportsmanship in our youth.  It enables kids to set goals and challenges them to accomplish such goals through discipline, organization, and physical fitness.

NLBRA of MI has 4 age divisions and puts on 10 to 16 rodeos per season which runs from August 1 till July 31 of the next year.  You can become a member anytime during the rodeo season.

Trail hand is the youngest division.  It is unique to Michigan and is not recognized at the national level.  This is an educational rodeo program designed to teach, develop, and strengthen rodeo skills.  The trail hand division is for boys and girls 7 years old and long as you can walk, you can rodeo. 

As a trail hand, kids can do either contact or non-contact events.  Non-contact is for those that don't have access to a horse but would still like to get that rodeo experience and to see if it is something they'd like to further pursue.  The contact division is for children who have a horse.  In both divisions, children learn and develop skills that they'll apply to the national levels as they get older and advance into those divisions.  All trail hands may have assistance with any event.  If they have help in the arena during contact events the person helping must be in full western attire.

Trail hand non-contact has two categories which are 4 year-olds and younger and 5 to 7 year-olds.  Each event fee is $3.00.  The events offered include: stick horse barrel racing, stick horse down and back, stick horse flag racing, dummy calf roping, and dummy goat tying.  These children can also do mutton busting.  All equipment is provided for non-contact events or you may bring your own.

The trail hand contact division is for 7 years and younger.  The fees are $5.00 per event and $8.00 for mutton busting.  The events are:  trail course, barrel racing, down and back, goat tail untying, and mutton busting.

Kids are awarded ribbons through 6th place and participant prizes for those 7th place or lower.  Each division has an All Around Cowboy and Cowgirl award. 

Children that are between the ages of 5 to 7 can be in dual divisions.  They can be a trail hand to continue honing their rodeo skills and they can also be a Little Wrangler which is a national level division.

The Little Wrangler division is one group for boys and girls ages 5 to 8.  They are eligible to compete on or after their 5th birthday.  The Little Wrangler events are:  barrel racing, goat tail untying, flag racing, and pole bending.

Contestants will advance to the Junior division if they are 9 years old on August 1st.  Junior level ages are 9 to 13 years old.  Junior Girls compete in:  breakaway calf roping, barrel racing, goat tying, trail course, pole bending, team roping, and dally ribbon roping.  Junior Boys compete in:  bull riding, breakaway calf roping, goat tying, flag racing, team roping, and dally ribbon roping.  Team roping and dally ribbon roping are two events that require a partner in order to enter and the partner can be either a junior male or junior female.

The oldest age division is the Senior level which is for contestants 14 to 18 years old, 14 by August 1.  Senior Girl events are:  breakaway calf roping, barrel racing, goat tying, trail course, pole bending, team roping, dally ribbon roping.  Senior Boys compete in steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, bull riding, tie-down calf roping, dally ribbon roping, and team roping.  Team roping and dally ribbon roping are two events that require a partner in order to compete and the partner can be either a senior female or senior male.  

In order to compete at the national level, you must complete a 2014-2015 National Contestant Member Application on a yearly basis.  The membership is $80.00.  The fee includes:  back tags, official rule book, standard entry blank, and other information.  Little Wrangler, Junior and Senior event entry forms for members and non-members are located at  In addition to the national membership form, please fill out the Michigan New Member Form and return to the address on the form.  By doing so, you will receive the Michigan newsletter.

Entry fees for Little Wranglers, Juniors, and Seniors are $15.00  per event, a Michigan office fee of $9.00 per rodeo, and a national contestant fee of $9.00 per rodeo.  Stock fees will apply to the following per event:  $5.00 for goats, calves and steers; $15.00 for bulls and broncs.

Trail hand Michigan membership fee is $25.00 per year.  Returning members will receive a new back tag, certificate, and a hat pin (if available).  New trail hand members will receive a welcome packet with the aforementioned items in addition to other things.

The event fees for trail hand are as listed above which range from $3.00 to $8.00 per event.  Trail hand members do not have an office fee or contestant fee and they do not pay stock charges.

National members earn points from each rodeo that count towards their national ranking.  And points accumulate for NLBRA of MI year end awards if the contestant is in good standing.  National points are tracked at  Kids can qualify to go to the NLBRA Finals Rodeo in Pueblo, Colorado held in July each year.  To qualify for national finals, you must place in the top 7 at 4 rodeos per event.

You can compete in rodeos without being a member.  Non-members will pay a national non-member fee and a Michigan non-member fee to participate (first weekend the Michigan non-member fee is waived).  Also, points will not be applied to year end awards or towards national ranking.  Some people choose to pay the non-member rates to make sure their kids will enjoy rodeo life.

As a NLBRA of Michigan member, everyone must adhere to the Michigan By-Laws and meet the membership fees as outlined below.  To meet the financial requirements, one can participate in fundraisers and/or raffle ticket sales that we have throughout the year.  In addition, sponsorship forms are available to solicit money or items from businesses, family, and/or friends.  This money is used to help fund rodeos throughout the season and for year end awards which are handed out at our last rodeo of the season or at a banquet/rodeo set for a later date.

The membership fees per rodeo season are as follows: Trail Hands $75.00 each or $125.00 per family; Little Wranglers, Juniors, and Seniors are $450.00 per contestant or $550.00 per family.  30% of the membership fees or donated items are due at your first rodeo, 1/2 of the balance is due by November 1 and the remaining 1/2 is due by March 1.  New Members joining after January 1 would have 50% of membership fees due at their first rodeo weekend and 50% due at their second rodeo weekend plus a $100 discount. Single would be $350 or Family would be $450 with the $100 discount. Adhering to these guidelines will keep members in good standing and loss of points will not occur.  The money earned during the various fundraisers and raffles can be applied towards the total membership dues along with any sponsorships.  Follow the link for the 2014-2015 NLBRA of MI Sponsorship Form.  Follow above by-law link for further information regarding the association.

Eligibility for year-end awards are based on points from the 5 best rodeos per event plus points from the year-end rodeo which are counted as 1.5 points.  A minimum of 3 rodeos must be attended throughout the season.  Each day is considered a rodeo.  Also, participation in the year-end rodeo or payment of entries for the year-end rodeo.

NLBRA of MI is successful due in part to the Executive Board, the Board of Directors, the Youth Board, the Event Directors, volunteers of all ages, and the generous sponsors.

Please feel free to contact us using the website email if you have further questions.

The above information is subject to revision at any time.

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